Booking terms and conditions

Parent Councils and other organisations using the booking system

Active Schools supports other organisations such as Parent Councils to manage bookings for their activities.  The following applies if you are booking a Parent Council activity (this will be clearly stated in the name of the activity and the description box of the activity

  • Terms and conditions and Operating procedures will be the responsibility of the Parent Council so please refer to their booking terms and conditions and their operating procedures such as ratios, coach qualifications etc.  These may be different to Active Schools clubs.
  • Active Schools will advertise Parent Council clubs on JoininEdinburgh and will print and distribute registers to the Parent Council.  Therefore, data will be stored on JoininEdinburgh as per our privacy policy below, but information will be held by both Active Schools and the Parent Council.  If you would like to remove or view the information held please contact both your Active Schools Coordinator and the Parent Council. 
  • Active Schools will insist on data being stored in schools in compliance with City of Edinburgh Data Policy.
  • The information collected on the JoinInEdinburgh booking form and inputted by the booker, will be deemed to be correct and will be passed on to the Parent Council.  Please be careful when inputting data and keep the coach of the session updated if there are any changes. 


Active Schools sessions

Lead coaches (including volunteers but excluding teachers)

We have a number of coaches who are employed on the tertiary payroll of City of Edinburgh Council, or are registered volunteers with City of Edinburgh Council.   Coaches/volunteers who lead our sessions must abide by the following:

  • They must complete a check sheet to include agreement to produce lesson plans for each session
  • They will have an up to date first aid qualification within 3 months of their start date
  • They will have an up to date Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Course certificate within 3 months of their start date
  • They must have a recent PVG Certificate


Assistant Coaches


Assistant coaches who assist with the sessions will meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a recent PVG certificate


They will work towards or already hold:

  • A first aid qualification
  • A Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport course certificate


Commercial Providers


Active Schools use a range of commercial providers to lead on some of the activities.  Active School Coordinators meet with these companies twice a year to ensure that all their coaches meet the same criteria as listed above in the Lead Coaches section.


Sports Club Coaches


Where possible, we link with local sports clubs and organisations in the local area to create pathways from school to community for lifelong participation.  We meet with these clubs twice a year to ensure that all their coaches meet the same criteria as listed above in the Lead Coaches section. 


Allocation of Spaces

Spaces to our sessions are allocated on a first come first served basis, with bookings taken through our online booking system and paper copies via the school. Please only book onto a programme if your child fully intends to participate.  Late cancellations mean that other children may not be able to be offered a space because registers need to be printed and taken to the venue. 


However, where we reach capacity on an activity we will endeavour to include additional pupils using an alternative strategy.  The nature of the strategy will depend on local conditions, but will likely come under one of the following examples:

  • On sessions that we know in advance will be oversubscribed, the term of coaching for that activity will be split into blocks to allow everyone the chance to participate.  Where this takes place, parents/carers will be asked to book onto one of the blocks of that activity for their child – it is only possible to book one block in any one term.  If spaces remain in any of the blocks after the closing date then it will be possible to apply for any remaining spaces.
  • Where we have had to put a pupil on a waiting list, they will receive priority for that activity in the following term.


Start and End Dates for session blocks

Active Schools aim to run after school sport and activity sessions across the year as follows:

Term 1 – August- December

Active Schools aim to have all sessions up and running by the September Holiday weekend.  The sessions will run throughout the term finishing in the first week of December.  The exact finish date is agreed with each individual school, as we will lose our access to some school facilities due to Christmas events. 

Term 2 – January – Easter

Active Schools aim to have all sessions up and running by the third week of term.  The sessions will run throughout the term finishing as close to the Easter holidays as possible in consultation with each individual school and facility availability. 

Term 3 – Easter – June

Active Schools aim to have all sessions up and running by the second week of term.  The sessions will run throughout the term finishing as close to the summer holidays as possible in consultation with each individual school and facility availability. 

Occasionally, an activity may start midway through a term where the situation dictates. 


Fees Structure 

Each Active Schools Co-ordinator works across a school cluster and they are tasked with putting on a range of activities across the area, encompassing all school aged children.

Active Schools activities will be provided free of charge during term time. 


Holiday Camps

Holiday programmes will have a small charge to cover costs for the week.  We will notify participants 5 days before if the camp will go ahead based on booking numbers. 


Refunds and Cancellations


We reserve the right to close, cancel or combine camps if numbers fall below the point at which a camp is financially viable or which does not reach the required number of bookings before the first session.  In order to ensure that a camp is viable, you may withdraw from a camp up to 7 days before the start date and receive a refund.  You must inform the programme organiser of any cancellation. Otherwise, no refunds are given unless we cancel the camp.  We will notify participants at least 5 days before if a camp will not go ahead.   


First aid policy

All coaches who lead on the Active School sessions will have access to a first aid kit.  They will administer basic first aid as required, and escalate any incidents where necessary.

If a coach has administered first aid to a participant, the parent/carer will be notified and given details of what happened during the session.  An accident report form will be completed and sent to the Active Schools Coordinator and the Head Teacher of the school.

In case of an emergency medical incident, the coach will contact parent/carers using the emergency number that has been provided by the parent/carer.


Procedure when a pupil on the register does not turn up

Active Schools deem that the duty of care for a coach starts when a child arrives at the planned venue for the class.

 If a pupil who is on the register does not show up after a prolonged period of time, (ie, 2 or 3 weeks in a row), the ASC will contact the parent/carer to ascertain the reasons for their absence.

Parents/Carers are asked to notify the Active Schools Coordinator if their child will not be able to attend the session.


Procedure if a pupil who is not on the register arrives for a class

When a pupil who is not on the register arrives at an after school session which starts straight after school, the coach should take the pupil to the school office or back to their classroom to report to their class teacher.  It will be up to school staff to contact home.

If the session is at an external venue or if in school but starting later, the coach should keep the pupil at the class and try to contact a parent/carer where possible before the class starts.  If unable to contact a parent/carer, the pupil should remain at the class but cannot participate, as no consent has been given by a parent/carer for the pupil to do so.  At the end of the session, the coach must try to contact the parent/carer again.  If no parent/carer contact has been possible, the coach must contact the Active Schools Coordinator for further support.

If the coach is successful in contacting the parent/carer, verbal consent may be given for the pupil to participate for one week only.

If the session is a lunchtime club in the school, the pupil will politely be told that they are not on the register and so cannot take part. 


Procedure if a parent/carer does not show up to collect their child at the end of the class

If a parent/carer does not show up to collect their child at the end of the class, the coach must wait with the child. 

The coach will attempt to contact the parent/carer using the contact numbers provided.

The coach cannot leave a child unattended, even if they have another session to go to.

If parent/carer cannot be contacted, the coach should contact the Active Schools Coordinator for further guidance.

If a child is not collected on time for a number of weeks, the Active Schools Coordinator reserves the right to remove the child from the session.

If parent has not shown up within 30 minutes, the Active Schools Coordinator should contact City of Edinburgh Council child support.

Privacy Notice

Please note that data will be stored in accordance with City of Edinburgh Council Privacy statement which can be found at http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/privacy

This Privacy Notice explains how we collect and use the information about our customers so that the services you request can be delivered effectively and efficiently. When you use the Join in Edinburgh website we collect and analyse data so that we could improve our services.

The Data Protection Act and other legislation regulate how we use personal information you provide. Personal information includes details such as your name, your child’s name, email address and child’s medical information.  This information is for the purpose of extra curricular club registers and will be kept within the Active Schools registers folder at the school/venue of the club.

This information will be stored by the joininEdinburgh website for 2 years after which time it will be automatically deleted.

Address details are required for the purposes of payment only and will not be used for any other purpose. 

If a paper form is completed, the information you submit will be inputted online by an Active Schools Coordinator for the purposes of creating a register for the club your child is participating in.  The paper version will be kept securely for 2 years after which time it will be shredded.

Coaches and Volunteers with Active Schools - Deliverers information is collated on join in Edinburgh for the purposes of reporting.  Information contained in reports will be anonymised and will not include personal information.  Coaches and volunteers name and phone number will be listed on registers, held at the school office.  An email address is requested to keep you up to date with training opportunities relevant to your role.  Active Schools will not share your personal information without your permission.  If you would like to see or change any of the information we hold about you, please contact the Active Schools Manager (details can be found on the contacts page). 

Using data for research

Sometimes we use data held by the Council to carry out research which help us evaluate and inform how we deliver Active Schools. You cannot be personally identified from any published research we produce from it.

Your information rights

You have the right to make a request to get a copy of the personal information that we hold about you. You can also ask us to correct your personal information if it is incorrect. You can contact us for details about how to do this.

0131 200 2340


Read further information about Subject Access Requests.

Visitors to our website

You could use the Join In Edinburgh website as a registered user or you could proceed as a guest.  If you register as a user, however and are inactive for more than 2 years, your details will be deleted and you will be required to re-register.

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