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Our strategy at Active Schools swimming is to get as many primary aged children swimming confidently in the water as possible. We aim to provide fun, engaging and supportive lessons to children from complete beginners, experiencing their first time in the water, to developing the skills of our improvers. Lessons will now follow a level system, to be more in line with the curriculum swimming the children will receive in Primary 4 and 5. We hope to provide children with lessons up to level 5 and then offer you pathways for further swimming with our community groups.

Level 1 Beginner (previously Jellyfish)

At Level 1 I can do the following:

  • Enter and exit the water safely from side
  • Blow bubbles with face in water
  • Bob 3 times
  • Pick up an object, face submerged
  • Float and hold for 5 seconds
  • Swim 5 metres
  • Keep myself safe at the pool
  • Share and take turns
  • Jump into water confidently

Level 2 Beginner (previously Turtle)

At Level 2 I can do the following:

  • Jump in independently
  • Pick up an object at 1metre without support
  • Float for 5 seconds - star, pencil and mushroom
  • Push and glide
  • Swim 10 metres front and back
  • Tread water for 10 seconds
  • Be aware of my safety in deep water

Level 3 Improver (previously Dolphin)

At Level 3 I can do the following:

  • Jump into deep water and tread for 20 seconds
  • Bob 10 times
  • Swim 15 metres front and back
  • Push and glide with kicking front and back
  • Demonstrate bilateral breathing
  • Float confidently showing change of shape
  • Show basic head first surface dive
  • Make safe choices and aware of my ability in deep water

Level 4 Improver (previously Stingrays)

At Level 4 I can do the following:

  • Jump into deep water and tread for 30seconds
  • Bob 10 times
  • Swim 25metres showing rotation
  • Demonstrate 3 out of 4 strokes
  • Surface dive and collect object at 1.5 metres
  • Float confidently showing rotation 
  • Scull head first for 5 metres
  • Work on my own, share ideas and help others

Level 5 Improver (previously Sharks)

At Level 5 I can do the following:

  • Demonstrate a straddle entry into deep water
  • Tread water (1minute arms and legs; 30 seconds arms only;30 seconds legs only)
  • Swim continuously for 4 minutes
  • Swim 10 metres, retrieve object from deep water and return to starting point
  • Scull head and feet first for 5metres
  • Demonstrate good technique in 2 different strokes
  • Demonstrate a standing dive
  • Comment effectively on the performance of others

Download a list of the descriptions and information on each swimming level

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