Active Schools Virtual Awards: Young Volunteer of the Year

Morgan Middlemass

Morgan is in 4th year and has been working in the Active Schools programme for over a year. Due to Morgan’s reliability, pro-activeness and enthusiasm she was awarded with being named a Young Ambassador this year. Morgan is always willing to help, assisting in many capacities within the Active Schools programme. Morgan has worked at several holiday camps, including the first ever Additional Support Needs (ASN) camp at Liberton High School. It took Morgan out of her comfort zone, but she was wonderful with the children. She was able to cater for and adapt her coaching style to make sure the children were happy and enjoying their experience. Morgan has also assisted at Neighbourhood Dance Shows, extra-curricular clubs and ‘Southfest’. She has claimed well over 50 hours of volunteering this year. This level of commitment and reliability stands Morgan in good stead for the work and career path she wants to take when she leaves school.

Brogan McLeod

Brogan is a 6th year Sports Ambassador at Tynecastle HS and is a great inspiration to all that know her. She volunteers 3 lunch times a week to offer dance, table tennis and badminton sessions to the S1/S2 year groups in her school. Additionally, she assists with dance and basketball in the cluster primaries. When responsible for a group she always comes prepared, has a positive and supportive attitude while delivering strong and developmental coaching sessions. She is the driving force of Tynecastle’s Sports Council and ensures that the programmes are developing and improving. She is now an ambassador for the Outward-Bound programme and is helping to recruit pupils for the upcoming summer programme.

Rachel Dickson

Rachel was a former Young Ambassador at Holyrood RC HS and is currently a student at Edinburgh College. Her love for sport has inspired her to pick a career in sports coaching.  To enable her to gain more experience whilst also giving something back to the Active Schools programme she is volunteering in the North East neighbourhood. She is supporting 4 clubs assisting with the Badminton and Basketball at Holyrood RC HS and leading and assisting with Volleyball at both Towerbank PS and Portobello HS.  She is not only very committed to these clubs, but she has also brought energy and positivity to the sessions. Rachel takes an interest in all additional opportunities and has already started the Swim Teaching course and committed to volunteering a further 40 hours in the process for a Community Sports Hub Project.

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