Active Schools Virtual Awards: Primary School Special Project

  Craigour Park – Family Fun Fitness

The idea of this project was to introduce an opportunity for families, whose children attend the Primary School, on a Saturday morning to participate in physical activity and receive a free breakfast. The project aimed to target and engage with hard to reach families to get the message across that physical activity and a good meal can be of benefit to long-term health and well-being. This was a successful partnership working between Active Schools, School PTA, school staff and Lifelong Learning. The activity sessions were delivered by local clubs and food was provided by Liberton High School through partnership working with their PEF Officer. Currently there are over 30 people attending which is having a positive impact on between 10 to 15 families on a weekly basis.

The project has become such a success that other schools in the area are looking to use the same structure within their schools.

Broomhouse Primary – Girls Participation

The girls project at Broomhouse is now in its third year. When the project started 33% of girls in P6 and 7 took part in Active Schools activities. This rose in 2017-18 to 89% of P6-7 girls.  The project involves P6-7 girls coming out of class for an extra hour every week to participate in sport and physical activity which is in addition to their 2 hours of PE.  Community Sport Hub clubs and community partners have delivered different sports and activities for the girls in blocks of 4-8 weeks.  At the end of each block the extra-curricular club of that sport is advertised if already in existence or a new club is set up. 

This project is a great example of effective partnership working between Active Schools, the School, Community Sport Hub clubs, local partners and High School Young leaders with everyone working together to address barriers and increase girls’ participation. 

Trinity Primary – Couch to Club

At the beginning of the 2019/20 Academic Year, Trinity Primary had a goal to get more pupils involved with extra-curricular activities or join clubs in the community. This was in a bid to reach the Gold School Sport Award. With the support of Active Schools, a team of teachers created a week of activity called ‘Couch to Club’. Couch to Club was organised for the start of term to have an impact on numbers joining Active Schools sessions and other clubs. This was not solely a sports initiative but also included Drama and Art clubs, Boardgame clubs, local Guides groups and the PTA. The week saw sports taster sessions being delivered and a Sports Council being developed where pupils could ‘apply’ to be Sports Ambassadors. The role of Sports Ambassadors being to keep the excitement of the Couch to Club week alive throughout the year and results have been very positive to date.

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