Active Schools Virtual Awards: Primary School Engagement

  St David’s RC Primary School

St David’s RC PS have an inclusive extra-curricular programme across the whole school which has a positive impact on participation.  The entire staff are fully engaged with encouraging pupil involvement and have helped the Active Schools programme improve and develop over the past year.

In  2018 the school had 6 sports clubs and now in 2020 there are 12. Distinct participation levels have substantially increased from 108 last year to 155 this year. The school work closely with Spartans FC and the Judy Murray Foundation Tennis and currently have 24 pupils taking part in free curricular tennis. The school staff are continuously looking to improve activity levels and this year there are 5 clubs run purely by school staff.  42 % of club delivery is led by school staff all in a voluntary capacity. The school also enter every Active Schools, EPSSA and School competition in the calendar.

St John Vianney Primary School

The school lies within an area of deprivation and staff understand the importance of wider opportunities and achievement for the children. There have been meetings with clubs, teachers and the PTA, to understand the need and want for clubs at the school. Both the school staff and parents have embraced the programme and support this massively. The school embrace all Active Schools events both local and citywide. They have attended each Games @ the Hub and all cluster and neighbourhood events.

Active Schools receives positive support from Head Teacher, Chris Kelly. He has a passion for sport and wants all the children to be as active as they can and sees the merit of physical activity and a strong link with Active Schools.

Castleview Primary School

Castleview PS staff work together to promote extra-curricular clubs to pupils and families attending the school. Staff take a lead role identifying young people who would benefit from attending a club. By removing as many barriers to participation, this ensures all children get the same access to Active Schools clubs. Currently 40% of clubs run at Castleview PS are run by teachers. Teachers and staff also help support clubs by being around at the beginning and at the end of a club and being the contact point during a club in case of any issues.

Castleview PS are engaged with wider Active Schools events, including the citywide dance show, Games @ the Hub, neighbourhood festivals, taster sessions, local club partnerships and parasports events. The school works very hard with Active Schools to ensure Castleview pupils and parents are supported to attend as many events as possible.

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