Active Schools Virtual Awards: High School Engagement

  Broughton High School

Broughton HS has really engaged the staff and pupils regarding wider achievement. This is evidenced on the first In-service day of the new academic year when staff are encouraged to get involved in wider achievement opportunities. Having the support of the school SMT, this has been hugely beneficial to help increase the amount of sports clubs on offer and the number of pupils attending. The extra-curricular programme is predominantly run by volunteers with the majority of these coaches being school staff and senior pupils. A number of staff also deliver clubs for cluster primary children. This has helped pupil transition into High School and maintained attendance in clubs in S1 and S2. Broughton PE are supportive of getting students involved in city wide competitions and fixtures. Additionally, the PE department coordinate a Health and Wellbeing Day, Gymnastics Showcase, Sports Day and this year will organise Broughton’s first Sports Personality of the Year Awards.

The Royal High School

The Royal High School (RHS) has one of the biggest extra-curricular programmes with just under 20 different sport activities on offer. The RHS relies mostly on volunteers and around 18 teachers take part in delivering/supporting extra-curricular sporting activity.  Additional volunteers are made up of parents and senior pupils. Working with guidance and the support for learning unit those pupils on Free School Meals, Pupil Equity Funding or with an Additional Support Need are identified and supported into the Active Schools programme. Inclusion is at the heart of sport at The RHS and the support for learning unit run lunch time clubs for those who are socially anxious and struggle during social times. The RHS has a sports council which was set up two years ago who help shape sport and physical activity in both curricular and extra-curricular delivery in the school and cluster. The RHS was awarded the Gold School Sport Award for their dedication to sport and physical activity an achievement they are very proud of.

Pilrig Park School

Pilrig Park is a school for pupils with a range of support needs including autism and learning disabilities.  Partnership working is key within the school with a strong working relationship between the schools Active Schools Coordinator and Acting PT’s for Health and Wellbeing, Anna Kirkwood and Ruth McLarty and the SMT. This collaborative approach focusses on shared priority groups; FSM, SIMD 1-4 and mental/emotional health. The lunchtime extra-curricular programme is supported in a voluntary capacity by all staff and the activities ranges from physical to sensory opportunities to ensure all pupils meaningfully engaged.  For the past year all extra-curricular clubs have been free due to financial support from school. Following the introduction of Young Ambassador YA leadership programme and due to support needs of pupils, staff have taken on mentoring roles to enable YA’s to take on additional responsibilities within school. School regularly attends events within the Lothian Schools Disability Sports Calendar and those delivered by Active Schools.

Community Learning

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