Active Schools Virtual Awards: Coach of the Year

  Dave Upton

Dave has been coaching for Active Schools for approximately 7 years. He is driving the inclusion agenda within Currie Star and Boroughmuir Thistle FC (BTFC) encouraging these clubs to look at how they can engage with children with ASN. This has seen BTFC securing funds to enable delivery within Redhall School. His coaching style is very much about empowering all participants. He plans and prepares sessions enabling participant, activity and environment to work together so involvement and fun is maximised. Dave caters for a range of learning styles within his sessions including audio, visual and kinaesthetic by utilising a range of methods including; white boards, iPads etc.

All those who work with Dave are impressed by his inclusive, innovative approaches and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Eamon Crook

Eamon began working with Active Schools (AS) as a tennis coach delivering in the Forrester High School (HS) cluster. He then moved on to working at Broomhouse Primary School (PS) with a targeted group of children and delivering the majority of the extra-curricular programme. Despite working with challenging behaviour and across new sports, he embraced each new area of work and learned how to adapt his coaching to suit the individual needs of the children. Eamon has utilised this knowledge to develop the playing skills of the children he works with. He has also taken on additional responsibility for reviewing what type of activities children want and sharing this information with the Active Schools Coordinator (ASC) so these wishes can be reflected within the AS programme. He has a real skill engaging with children who are not participating and encouraging them to get involved.

Eamon has grown and developed his skills, taken on board feedback and adapted his approach which has transformed his coaching.

Dave Oswald

Dave is a football coach who has led Mini-Kickers sessions in a large number of primary schools across the city for more than 5 years. Dave is enthusiastic about introducing football to younger children and has an upbeat personality and a range of techniques that make the sessions fun for the pupils. Dave is an extremely reliable coach. On his own initiative Dave sends ‘end-of-term’ reports on how the classes have run and suggestions for changes for the following term.

Dave makes every effort to ensure classes are as inclusive as possible, with activities suitable for all children and range of ability. He has supported children with additional support needs within sessions and has taken time to engage with their parents to find out about specific needs and adapting the sessions so they are fully included.

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