new coverRaising Children with Confidence

Courses are gradually resuming in schools and community settings. 

This is a six session course which aims to give all parents and carers the latest findings from evidence and research to explain what influences the development of emotional wellbeing and why what you do makes such a difference.

This course is suitable for parents and carers of children aged 0-11yrs.

Courses are held each term throughout the city in primary schools and community venues.

Raising Children with Confidence is part of the Growing Confidence project.

Topics covered

Over six two-hour sessions we will cover the following topics:

1. Promoting Wellbeing: Supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing

2. The Developing Brain: How experience shapes the brain

3. Why Love Matters: Creating positive relationships and attachments

4Staying Connected: Listening to understand and developing empathy

5. Building Resilience: Coping with life’s ups and downs

6. Looking After Ourselves: The importance of parental wellbeing

Courses run during term time.

If no courses are currently listed please log in again soon as they are added on a rolling basis.

Community Learning

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