Art(PR): Sketchbook - Beginner - (29/4) - ONL18654A

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Adult Education Programme

Activity ref no: ONL18654A

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From Wednesday 31st March 2021: Book online. If this course is not full and says: "this course is now closed to new participants", please email adult.education@ea.edin.sch.uk and we will reply to you to let you know if it is possible to enrol.

  • ONLINE - Adult Education Programme
    Adult Education Programme ,
    The City of Edinburgh Council
  • Adult Education Programme
  • 16+, Adult, 60+
  • £47.10 for term
  • Thursday 18:30

Activity description

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS FOR STUDENTS: It is the responsibility of participants to ensure they have downloaded and checked they have access to the Microsoft Teams Application. An interest in drawing. This is a course for beginners to sketching and drawing. OVERVIEW / INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE: Sketching - keeping a sketchbook and developing new drawing skills. Drawing is all about communicating thoughts and feelings and learning to see things differently. Drawing is useful for making visual notes, working things out and planning, as well as pure enjoyment. Drawing is helpful if you want to learn about painting, printmaking, or other arts and crafts. Drawing is good fun and can be done while doing something else, like listening to music. Drawing develops skills like observation, concentration and can be absorbing and relaxing. Each week we will look at a different topic, and will include: Practice, Making mistakes, The explorer, Looking vs symbols, Line/edges, Space, Light/shade, Texture, Colour, The whole thing. Plus tricks such as The frame/Perspective. HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: There will be a tutor talk and/or demonstration of drawing methods. Students will have opportunity to try out methods and share their work, if they wish. WHAT STUDENTS CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: Students will learn about keeping a sketchbook and will explore and experiment with different styles and methods. Learning about shape, line, light and shade, mark making, texture. RESOURCES REQUIRED BY STUDENTS / ADDITIONAL COSTS Pencils - HB, B, 2B, 4B, rubber; Ballpoint pen; Dipping pen with nib; Bottle of Indian ink; Charcoal, any size - large or small, or compressed charcoal. Coloured pencils; Felt pens (Not all required, 2 or 3 different drawing tools would be good).

Term information

This term is now full

This term is currently closed for new participants

  • Date term started: 29 Apr 2021 (48 days ago)
  • Duration: 8 lessons (1 lessons remaining)
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