Art(PR): Sketchbook Adventures - All - (13/5) - OUT18714M

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Adult Education Programme

Activity ref no: OUT18714M

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From Thursday 15th April 2021: Book online. If this course is not full and says: 'this course is now closed to new participants', please email adult.education@ea.edin.sch.uk and we will reply to you to let you know if it is possible to enrol.

  • WALKS/OUTDOOR - Adult Education Programme
    Adult Educaiton Programme,
    The City of Edinburgh Council
  • Adult Education Programme
  • 16+, Adult, 60+
  • £39.25 for term
  • Thursday 10:00

Activity description

An itinerary will be sent to enrolled students prior to course start date. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS FOR STUDENTS:   None. All levels welcome. OVERVIEW / INTRODUCTION TO COURSE:  This 5-week sketching course invites you to step outdoors for refreshing inspiration, discover treasures in our beautiful city and build up a range of drawing & mark-making techniques to create your own, visual journal. The course will include a range of practical exercises, processes and concepts and set projects which will lead to more focussed and personal exploration.  HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: The course is a mixture of presentation, demonstrations, group discussions and interactive activities.  The group will be taken around the historic Royal Mile and local greenspaces.   WHAT STUDENTS CAN EXPECT TO LEARN:  As well as introductory and background information, participants will:  Learn a range of techniques, processes and concepts for creating a sketchbook journal; Be encouraged to explore individual style through set projects for individual outcomes; Discover the work of a few other Artists and their associated movements; and Be invited to visit exhibitions, where possible. RESOURCES / ADDITIONAL COSTS REQUIRED BY STUDENTS:   Students are expected to provide the following list of indicate tools, materials and equipment: (Estimated cost: £20 + depending on usage)    Bring a small rucksack (or similar) to comfortably carry your art materials.  Also recommended is a small, folding, tripod stool for comfortable sketching.  Pencils (HB, 2B or 4B) . Fine -line pen .Willow Charcoal . Eraser , Putty rubber . Coloured pencils, pens, crayons, watercolours / paints (of choice), Ruler. Scissors .Sketchbook (A2 or A3 or A4 size) . Masking tape. Glue stick .Fixative (cheap alternative to art fix is fine hairspray  (These items can all be purchased inexpensively from ‘poundshops’ or The Works, on Princes Street) Gallery visits may be recommended and some may have an entrance fee.  HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES:  Weather appropriate clothing and sensible footwear is recommended when walking in local parks and greenspaces for comfort and safety.  WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN BAD WEATHER:  If no shelter available, session will be postponed.

Term information

This term is now full

This term is currently closed for new participants

  • Date term started: 13 May 2021 (34 days ago)
  • Duration: 5 lessons (1 lessons remaining)
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