Art(AP): Selected Works in the National Gallery of Scotland - All - (27/4) - ONL11252A

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Adult Education Programme

Activity ref no: ONL11252A

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From Wednesday 31st March 2021: Book online. If this course is not full and says: 'this course is now closed to new participants', please email adult.education@ea.edin.sch.uk and we will reply to you to let you know if it is possible to enrol.

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  • Adult Education Programme
  • 16+, Adult, 60+

Activity description

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS FOR STUDENTS: It is the responsibility of participants to ensure they have downloaded and checked they have access to the Microsoft Teams Application. This course is designed for new attendees as some material may be repeated. Some background knowledge of art history is useful but not required. OVERVIEW / INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE: Each week we will look closely at a single work or small selection of works currently on display in the National Galleries of Scotland (National Gallery/Portrait Gallery/Modern Art). We will discuss subject, style and technique, as well as background context including historical and biographical information.    HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: Through screen sharing, we will look at images from the National Galleries’ website, allowing us to zoom in on small details. The tutor will reveal the stories behind these artworks, while students are encouraged to engage in lively discussion and share their thoughts and opinions. If desired, students may then visit the artworks in person in their own time. WHAT STUDENTS CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: Students will increase their knowledge of the diverse works in our national collection and appreciate how they fit into the wider context of art history – and how they ended up here. They will improve their skills of visual analysis. As a result, it is hoped they will get more out of future visits to the galleries.  RESOURCES REQUIRED BY STUDENTS /ADDITIONAL COSTS: None.

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