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Adult Education Programme

Activity ref no: ONL67414

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  • ONLINE - Adult Education Programme
    Adult Education Programme ,
    The City of Edinburgh Council
  • Adult Education Programme
  • 16+, Adult, 60+
  • £0.00 for term
  • From Wednesday 17th June 2020

Activity description

This is an entry level course with no entry requirements NUMBER OF WEEKS/ HOURS: 5 weeks x 30-40 min with films available to review for one week week 1: from Wednesday 17th June week 2: from Wednesday 24th June week 3: from Wednesday 1st July week 4: from Wednesday 8th July week 5: from Wednesday 15th July DAY AND TIME FOR THE INTERACTIVE CLASS DISCUSSION: Thursdays from 18th June 2020 from 11am to 12pm: Interactive discussion and workshop. OVERVIEW/INTRODUCTION TO COURSE: We will explore imagery, voice, line breaks, form and the element of surprise in poetry through a series of talks, exercises, workshops and discussions. HOW WILL THE COURSE BE TAUGHT? The course will be taught in two 30-minute sessions over five weeks. The weekly sessions will focus on one topic. The topics are: Imagery, Voice, Line Breaks, Form, and Surprise. WHAT CAN STUDENTS EXPECT TO LEARN? • How to get words on the page • How to use poetic techniques to write your best poems • How to give feedback on shared poems • How to enjoy playing with language RESOURCES REQUIRED: There are no additional costs beyond a pen and a notebook. ARE THERE ANY HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES TO FOLLOW? There are no Health and Safety Guidelines required for this course. WHAT COULD STUDENTS DO NEXT? Look out for the next set of Adult Education Programme Poetry online or classroom courses.

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  • Date term started: 17 Jun 2020 (19 days ago)
  • Duration: 5 lessons (2 lessons remaining)
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