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Adult Education Programme

Activity ref no: SBR16754

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From Wednesday 7 August 2019: Book online anytime, or: Telephone: or visit in person, between 10.00am and 4.00pm: Craigroyston Community High: (0131) 477 7801 (am only Tue to Fri); Drummond Community High: (0131) 556 2651 (not Friday pm); Leith Academy: (0131) 553 2810 (Telephone only); South Bridge Resource Centre; (0131) 469 3005; or Wester Hailes Education Centre: (0131) 621 8316 (not Friday pm). If a centre is busy, please try calling another.

  • South Bridge Resource Centre
    Infirmary Street,
  • Adult Education Programme
  • 16+, Adult, 60+
  • £92.50 for term
  • Thursday 18:30

Activity description

PAPER; SCISSORS; THREAD This Course offers a combination of printmaking skills including Monoprint and Lino cutting. Students will then be encouraged to develop their own individual designs considering colour, pattern and texture. These finished print designs will then be woven into tapestries. The tapestry element of the course will encourage designing within limitations and possibilities of weaving. Skills include choice of warp and weft, blending colours, developing pattern, weaving, finishing and presenting work. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Participants in this course should have an ability to work with their hands and imagination. Participants will use various printing techniques with block printing inks to produce designs and weaving techniques including working with wool and threads. THE PRINTMAKING SKILLS are suitable for beginners or post beginners in printmaking. However, post beginners should be aware this printmaking course will be run at a beginner level. Post beginners will initially work alongside beginners but will be encouraged to develop their own designs as the course moves on. THE TAPESTRY WEAVING participants should preferably come with some basic knowledge of weaving a tapestry. This would allow the participants time to be supported in the designing and making. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: By the end of the course the students will: - understand basic printmaking skills including mark making, line and tone, textures and pattern and be able to create prints in a series of techniques including mono-printing and lino-printing; - begin to understand the limitations and possibilities in design towards creating own tapestry; - be able to design own tapestry from print; - be able to create a cartoon and ink up a design; and - have learned to present tapestry work. - Make informed choices on colour texture and pattern within weaving. - Interact on discussions on the themes. HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: The course will be taught over ten weeks with a mixture of directed teaching and supported study; paired learning and presentation. The first 5 weeks will be focused on printmaking and the second 5 weeks will be focused on designing and weaving a tapestry. The teaching will balance presentations with practical work, personal development with full class / paired and individual interaction through discussions of work in progress. MATERIALS REQUIRED BY STUDENTS: Some materials will be available to students. For printmaking, students will be asked to bring to the first session: paper and sketchbook. Rollers and ink will be available for the first session to students, thereafter students will require their own materials. Students are encouraged to wait until the first session to consult the tutor on the materials they will need for the course. For Tapestry, students will need a selection of wools, or other weaving materials including cotton, linen, silks, ribbon etc. Students should bring scissors and a wooden frame of approximately 50 cm by 70 cm or there about - an old solid picture frame would also be suitable for their first tapestry course, but other materials may be required as the student progresses. It may be useful but not necessary to bring a waterproof pen, a sketchbook and camera to keep a record of the course. Later in the course you will need needles and threads, tape and mounting card.

Term information

This term is currently closed for new participants

  • Date term started: 26 Sep 2019 (50 days ago)
  • Duration: 10 lessons (3 lessons remaining)
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