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Activity description

ENTRY REQUIREMENT: Only a desire to learn some basic phrases and conversational gambits that could prove useful in your holiday destination. GENERAL AIM OF THE COURSE: The aim is not to make students word perfect or grammar perfect but to give them confidence in coming to terms with a range of basic phrases and typical conversation pieces that could prove useful while on holiday. Some cultural pointers and norms, such as meal times, eating etiquette, locals' perception of tourists, etc. will be included. LEARNING OUTCOMES: By the end of the course students will have : - learned to introduce themselves and greet others; - learned to ask basic questions and understand directions; - learned numbers and days of the week; - have some confidence in their ability to "create understanding" between themselves and mother tongue speakers of the language. GENERAL APPROACH TO THE COURSE: A degree of tutor led learning of essential vocabulary and most used phrases. Practice (with other learners) of what has been learned. Role play and simulation of typical holidaymaker situations. Learning the language of public notices - no smoking/toilets/don't cross/extra charge/drive on the right, etc. Guidance in pronunciation - but above all practice in listening and speaking. MATERIALS REQUIRED BY STUDENTS: Notebook and pen; possibly purchase of course book or phrase book or other aid to learning - tutor will advise at class.

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