zzzMusic: Violin - Beginner - (23/4) - BHS56052M

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Activity description

This course aims to teach the basics of violin playing and technique, to understand notation as well as gaining general all round musicality. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: None. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: By the end of the course students will: - be confident in reading music notation; - have gained knowledge on basic techniques of playing the violin; - have developed a decent music theory knowledge. HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: Majority of classes will consist of working through 'Team Strings' at students' own pace. This encourages solo playing as well as playing with a group/ensemble as there are many duets and trio works which can be played together. The class will be split into segments - allowing plenty of time for explanations of music theory and how to read music, however with ample time to put what students have learnt into practice. MATERIALS REQUIRED BY STUDENTS: A violin - Best place to purchase is from Stringers on York Place Edinburgh where it should come equipped with a sturdy case, bow, a shoulder rest and rosin. This does not have to be an expensive purchase and there is also the option of having the instrument on loan for a very small monthly payment before making the decision of buying. Music stand - Required each week. Team Strings - This is the book the class will be working from. It costs around £10 and can be purchased from any book store with a decent sized music collection or most music stores or very easily online from Amazon. A note pad and/or manuscript paper - will be handy for taking notes of music theory etc.

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