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Activity ref no: PGC16911M

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Activity description

In the late 19th Century Patrick Geddes recognised the importance of combining both the natural sciences and the arts within education, culture, and society. His transformation of Ramsay Gardens into a hub of diverse activities by founding the Edinburgh Social Union, the Old Edinburgh School of Art, Summer School Meetings & Talks and publications of the Evergreen periodical. Geddes was one of the main driving forces, patron and supporter of the Celtic Revival ('Culture Renascence') within the Arts & Crafts Aesthetic movement of Edinburgh. Attracting artists such as John Duncan, Phoebe Anna Traquir, Douglas Strachan, Robert Burns (decorative Art Nouveau painter), Jessie King (Illustrator), Andrew Kay Womrath. Within the inspiring settings of the Patrick Geddes Centre in Riddle’s Court, with ‘Hand, Heart & Head’ this drawing course is designed as a practical learning exploration of Botany, Biology, Art Nouveau (Stile Floreal) and Celtic Revival. Taking inspiration from Geddes' profound interest in nature and his impact on the visual arts in Edinburgh's Aesthetic movement during this period. The student will discover and learn the art of drawing, from looking at forms, shapes, structures and patterns represented in nature combined with the decorative styles of the Arts & Craft movement. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: No formal entry requirements. All levels welcome. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: By the end of the course students will have: - practical knowledge of drawing techniques & observational skills in botanical and/or marine biological drawings; - a good understanding of drawing natural organic shapes, forms, structure and patterns; - practised techniques in composition, shading, line, form and constructing patterns through representation and decorative abstraction; - learned about decorative and illustrative styles of Art Nouveau and Art & Crafts movement; - gained confidence practising rendering true representation and decorative abstraction drawings in both graphite and coloured pencils; - developed a good solid understanding of drawing techniques; and - developed their own unique interpretation and drawing style. HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: Tutor led course with student participation. Practical exercises and easy to follow explanations. MATERIALS REQUIRED BY STUDENT: A3 sketch Pad; set of graded pencils (eg: H, HB, 2B, 3B, 5B); set of coloured pencils; eraser; and good sharpener.

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