zzz Art(PR): Oil Painting - All - (29/1) - BHS12952M

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Adult Education Programme

Activity ref no: BHS12952M

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  • Adult Education Programme
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Activity description

This is a course for all comers:- those who already enjoy but would like to learn a bit more about the uniqueness of oil as a medium: those who want to try art and think oils may be a good introduction: and those who want to try something different that has not been available to them in the past. Painting techniques, colour mixing, subject matters and composition will all be covered as we go through the process of painting. In practical terms, students will be encouraged to use implements other than brushes, such as pallet knives, they will be encouraged to use different surfaces from oil painting paper to canvasses - and they will be able to use easels. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: All comers of any age, whether experienced in art, a dabbler, or a complete beginner. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: By the end of the course students will be able to: paint in oils and will have an understanding of the processes of oil painting techniques. They will understand and appreciate composition and they will start to see – not just look – when they try to interpret and portray the 3 dimensional world around us in 2 dimensions. They will have increased their powers of imagination in order to develop subjects into the abstract. HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: I don’t lecture in any formal way. There will be few, if any, demonstrations in ‘how to do it’. My attitude is for everyone to get straight into the process of painting without fear and restraint. This is specifically an oil painting course, so you’ll learn about the technique of oil painting as you go along with continuous comment and advice. However, this is also an art course. A painting course. I believe inside everyone is an artist trying to get out. I will get it out of you through encouragement, humour and the building of confidence which, I can assure you, will lead to accomplishment in this craft. MATERIALS REQUIRED BY STUDENT; APPROX/ADDITIONAL COSTS: No materials are provided. On the first session, you will be supplied with a list of items that are required but to save time in relatively short course, it is advisable to bring basic materials – a selection of oil colours, some brushes, oil painting paper or canvas and oil paint thinners (ALWAYS ODOURLESS VARIETIES). Initially IT IS NOT NECESSARY to buy expensive equipment, Discount stores, stationery outlets and even supermarkets often have good deals on equipment. Proper art stores, will, of course, offer better quality materials and good advice.

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