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Activity description

This course aims to introduce students to the skills and variations of belly dancing, helping them to understand the movements that create the base of all styles of belly dance. To allow students to learn and practice the techniques in a fun and supportive group. The course is a good core exercise for any level of fitness and can be a whole new experience for women in relation to developing confidence for self-expression and celebrating their body. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: None, this course is designed to be suitable and beneficial for all, regardless of age, shape or prior levels of fitness. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: By the end of the course students will have learned: - some of the historical and cultural aspects of this form of dance; - some of the choreography associated with different styles of belly dancing; - an introduction to stage presence, musical interpretation and improvisation techniques; and - basic belly dance moves and practicing routines. HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: The tutor will primarily teach using step by step demonstration and break down of basic belly dance steps, and students will have plenty of opportunity to practice and build up their repertoire. The classes will focus on basic movements such as hip and chest shimmies, traveling steps, arms paths, isolations and undulations. As your skill levels improve, you may also learn advanced arm paths, intricate undulations and layered hip movements. Each class is led accompanied by different styles of Middle Eastern music. MATERIALS REQUIRED BY STUDENTS: Loose clothing or clothing that is easy to move in. Shoes are normally removed for these dances, or soft dance pumps or thin slippers could be worn. It is recommended you bring water or juice to drink.

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