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Adult Education Programme

Activity ref no: SBR11813X

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This course is now cancelled.

  • South Bridge Resource Centre
    Infirmary Street,
  • Adult Education Programme
  • 16+, Adult, 60+
  • £67.00 for term
  • Wednesday 15:00

Activity description

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: All abilities welcome. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: By the end of the course students will have: - learned how to look and how to simplify; - understood qualities of Light, colour and layering; - developed contrast in creating images or abstract; and - gained confidence with different materials. HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: Practical indications and ongoing demonstrations using historical and contemporary visual references presented through slides, printed images as well as still-life and three-dimensional subjects, including portrait. The emphasis is on flexibility as well as learning new skills with group and individual guidance and opportunity to develop your own style. MATERIALS REQUIRED BY STUDENT; APPROXIMATE & ADDITIONAL COSTS: Thick (min 200gsm) lining paper (wallpaper) or A2 cartridge; colour A2 sugar paper (from A3scrapbooks); masking tape; thick willow charcoal; white chalk; ordinary rubber; colour chalk pastels; TUBES of Red, Yellow, Blue, and White water based paints; large (1cm) FLAT bristle brushes (mostly available from The Works and other discount stores); cheap hair spray (Supermarket). This can all be built up gradually for approx. £15 and the tutor will discuss what to get and where to save money. You can also experiment with other materials. Bring what you can to first class.

Term information

This term has been cancelled

This term is currently closed for new participants

  • Date term started: 26 Sep 2018 (49 days ago)
  • Duration: 10 lessons (4 lessons remaining)
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