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Activity description

This course aims to cover the fundamental techniques of Botanical Drawing and Painting. Working from fresh plant material you will be guided through the fundamental techniques used in Botanical Art starting with measured line drawing in graphite pencil then exploring the effect of light to create realistic 3D forms with tonal pencil work. Using water colour paints the student will learn to mix and match colours, how to apply flat, graded and blended watercolour washes together with other botanical water colour painting techniques. After covering the basic techniques the latter part of the term will be devoted to a personal plant study- an opportunity to create a finished painting. Advice will be given on how to set up work area together with basic material /equipment requirements. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Suitable for all levels. Previous drawing painting experience can be an advantage but not necessary. An interest in plants and natural forms essential together with a willingness to develop an attention to detail. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: By the end of the course students will have learned/be able to: - develop observation skills; - work from fresh plant material; - fundamental drawing techniques including measured line drawing and tonal drawing; - basic Botanical watercolour painting techniques; and - colour mixing with a restricted palette. HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: The tutor will demonstrate one of the techniques to be covered - eg measured line drawing, tonal work in graphite and charcoal, how to apply a flat, graded and blended water colour wash etc The student will then work through the exercises with guidance when needed. Notes will be given to consolidate techniques where applicable. Reference to historical and contemporary Botanical art works. MATERIALS REQUIRED BY STUDENT; APPROXIMATE & ADDITIONAL COSTS: Please bring to the first session A4 drawing pad (cartridge paper), pencils 2H, HB and B, eraser and clear 6” plastic ruler. Water colour paints, paper, palettes and brushes will be needed later in the course- costs from approx £30 - Tutor will give guidance and minimum equipment /materials list once the course has started.

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