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Adult Education Programme

Activity ref no: DRU24353X

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  • Adult Education Programme
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Activity description

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Basic calligraphy materials and a willingness in trying a new skill. Students with a previous knowledge and skill in calligraphy are also welcome. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will be taught the basic skills for writing Calligraphy and how to attempt handwritten cards and personal projects for Beginners and for Intermediate level Calligraphers, to continue to develop their craft in other scripts and how to best decorate their calligraphy works. HOW THE CLASS WILL BE TAUGHT: Instruction leaflets will be given out as required. Tutor teaches all levels by demonstrations for the whole class and also individually, depending on each person's expertise and is happy to advise anyone who is willing to learn Calligraphy as a new skill. With a little hard work, and within a few weeks of starting, students will be producing beautiful calligraphy which they can apply to cards or poems, quotations or anything they set their minds to. A friendly class with a cup of tea in the middle for the chance to chat to fellow members and to have a look at what others are working on. MATERIALS REQUIRED BY STUDENT: One or two 1255 Edding Calligraphy felt pens in Black, A3 pad of Layout paper, 12" or 18" Ruler, HB Pencil

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