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Magdalene Community Centre

Activity ref no: HWC

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Contact the Centre, 0131 6698760 or us@magdalenecc.co.uk

  • Magdalene Community Centre
    Madgalene Drive,
  • Children's Work
  • Under 12
  • £8 per lesson
  • Daily after school

Activity description

a Homework Club for primary 1-7 The programme of activities follows a basic structure, Children will be supported and challenged to do their homework (as set by their teachers/ homework grids). It is our view that children are capable of doing their own homework, however staff are there to support them as needed (we will not be doing the work for them). We will also have additional tasks and resources spanning various subjects that will support their learning in school. We use SumDog, SPaG Mats and Big Maths sheets to instil a solid base to support their learning in school. The Staff team evaluate on a daily basis and alter the programme each week to tackle any particular issues that arise.

Term information

This term is currently closed for new participants

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