Magdalene 'Inbetweeners' youth Club

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Magdalene Community Centre

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Activity description

A youth club for P7-S3 young people. The programme of activities is created by the members of the Club during the first session of any term. Young people have access to; Card Games, tuck, Friends, Music, Dodge Ball, The Great Dalmuti, Baking, Party, Hamma Beads, Donkey, Fun, Experiments, Relax, Sitting on the Sofa, Ninja, Dancing, Sing Star, play in the Garden, Fifa, Computers, Pool, Wander in the Woods, Help, Make Videos, homework, Gardening, Advice board games, Wii, PS3, Water Fight, pet Lizard Archie, Socialising, Watch TV, Competitions, Movies, Play With Friends, Table Tennis, Speak To Friends, Face painting and just Chilling out the emphasis being on social interaction. Also programmed programmed with outings, games, activities, arts & crafts and sports sessions. Up-to-date programmes detailing individual sessions can be found in the Community Centre window, on the Warner Bros. Wall, hand-outs at the youth clubs and on the community notice board. As well as updates on our Twitter & Facebook Feeds. This club meets the local need to provide youth provision in the area and act as a transition between Primary & secondary schools. £0.50 per session for members £1.00 for non-members

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