Adult Education Programme



1.      How can we contact you?

Email: adult.education@ea.edin.sch.uk

2.      Will I receive a refund for my previously cancelled course?

Refunds have already been issued for cancelled courses.  The refund(s) will have been paid directly into the account of the person who booked the course(s).

NB: If you paid by cash or cheque, cheque refunds will be processed and posted when the appropriate staff are back working in Headquarters.

3.      How will you ensure social distancing in venues?

Further information and guidance will follow once arrangements have been made.

4.      What are the rules regarding shared equipment and resources?

Shared equipment will no longer be available, and students will be required to bring their own.

5.      Will there be a new brochure, and when?

Yes, but we are not certain when this will be available.  We are hoping to offer some online courses and more information will be on our website: www.joininedinburgh.org

6.      How many people will there be in a class?

It is likely that class sizes will be reduced according to guidance for social distancing.

7.      Will there be hand sanitiser and protective equipment available?

We hope to provide hand sanitiser if required, according to guidance, but recommend that students provide their own.

8.      Will there be any walks or outdoor activities?

We hope to organise walking and other outdoor courses as before.  Please continue to check the website.

9.      Can I collect anything from venues?

All venues are currently closed.  Please check the website for further updates.

10.   How can I ensure I am on a new mailing list for information on any new programmes/courses?

There is no waiting list so please keep checking for updates on the website.

11.   Will previous students from cancelled courses be given priority for enrolment?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

12.   Will future courses have the same tutor as before?

This cannot be guaranteed.

13.   What if I do not have access to social media?

We are updating our website: www.joininedinburgh.org regularly with important information and hope you can find answers there.

14.   What are the Social Media links?







15.   I am looking for employment as a tutor?

Due to the current circumstances we are unfortunately not able to recruit any new tutors at present, but we can keep your details on file for future use.

16.   How do I delete the joininedinburgh.org account I created when booking courses online?

Email: adult.education@ea.edin.sch.uk with your request, giving your full name and email address.

17.   How do I stop receiving information from Adult Education Programme

Email: adult.education@ea.edin.sch.uk with your request, giving your full name, postal address and email address.

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