Art Appreciation - Visual Arts Explored I – All level - ONL11114

Level of course and entry requirements

Participants must be available to attend every session of the course. 

No special requirements or in-depth knowledge of the Visual Arts required. Participants however should be enthusiastic and have an interest in expanding their knowledge of a range of visual artists and art topics. Must also be prepared to commit to the time allocated for the course and have a functioning piece of technology such as a tablet, phone, laptop or desk top machine. 

Number of weeks / hours

1 hour a week for 5 weeks to join the video conference part of the course and flexible hours to view the weekly video topic. 

Day and time

The first YouTube Video will be posted on Monday 26th October, then on 2nd,9th,16th, and 23rd November.

Video Conference/online weekly session with tutor is on Thursdays starting 29th October, then on 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th November at 11.00am to 12 noon.

Overview / introduction to the course

The course will examine the work of a range of visual artist and topics covering painting and photography. The range of the course structure will be selected by the tutor in an attempt to bring to the participants a group of visual artists and photographers with whom the students may or may not be familiar. The artists and photographers presented will be a mix of the historical and living. 

How the course will be taught

Participants will view a video on a given topic each week and then will join with all group members in a video conference later in the week where they will be able to discuss with tutor the artist/topic they viewed. All participants will be encouraged to voice their opinions and offer extra information should they wish, and the tutor will ensure that the discussions will be inclusive and supportive particularly to more reticent participants.  

What students can expect to learn

Participants will ideally learn how artists/photographers go about creating their work; how a given artist/photographer relates to the society they live/ed in; and how they chronicle the social/historical/political/economic/environmental time they live/ed in. Participants will learn how artists/photographers conceive and construct their work and the influences that shaped the style/genre they worked in. Overall, participants hopefully will learn how important the visual arts are to the mental and physical wellbeing of society. 

Resources required by students or additional costs

Participants do not need to provide anything.

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