Health - Mindfulness - Beginner level - ONL42654

Day and time

Thursdays - 7.00pm - 8.30pm starting 29th October 2020

Number of weeks / hours

1 and a half hours for 5 weeks.

Course level and entry requirements

Students must be available to participate in all sessions of this course.

Beginner level.  Course is suitable for beginners and those with some experience wishing to engage in the basics of Mindfulness in a simple, gentle and systematic way. Students are advised that this is NOT a therapy course or a self-help group and may not be suitable for those experiencing major life challenges. The course is not suitable for those experiencing severe mental health conditions.

Overview / introduction to the course

MINDFULNESS - awareness of the present moment - is taught through cultivating Meditation skills which include bringing a kind attention to the breath and body during stillness and movement in a curious non-judgemental way, noticing what is going on in your body, your mind and in the world around you.  

How the course will be taught

Experience of guided practices (Tutor Led) including sitting Meditation, bodyscan and Mindful movement. Encouraged to engage in daily home practice of short (15-20 minutes) meditations to gain the most benefit. Discussion – reflection of experience of home practices. Support and guidance in applying Mindfulness to everyday activities. Short readings and poems.  

What students can expect to learn

By the end of the course students will have learned/be able to: - knowledge, experience and awareness of the benefits of Mindfulness practices; - an increased ability to relax and experience calm; - greater energy, enthusiasm and appreciation for Life; - an increased ability to cope more effectively with both short and long term stressful situations; and - the majority of students completing the Course report. 

Resources required by students and additional costs

Comfortable clothing to be worn. A yoga mat and blanket for bodyscan and relaxation practices - optional. Background reading - optional – MINDFULNESS: A practical guide to FINDING PEACE IN A FRANTIC WORLD By Professor Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman - approximate cost is £15.00.

Health and safety guidelines

Having space to practice gentle mindful movements. 

What students could do next

For more information about mindfulness and the benefits visit WWW.FRANTICWORLD.COM 

Community Learning

Go to the City of Edinburgh Council

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