Gaelic - Beginner level - ONL39311

Day and time

Mondays 1.00pm - 2.30pm starting 2nd November 2020.

Number of weeks / hours

1 and a half hours a week for 5 weeks.

Course level and entry requirements

Participants must be available to attend every session of this course.

 Beginner level - No knowledge of Gaelic will be assumed. 

Overview / introduction to the course

This course will teach introductory Gaelic language. students will learn basic greetings and structure. 

How the course will be taught

The course teaching will be a mix of the tutor explaining concepts and practising those concepts by interaction amongst students as well as with the teacher. Students will be asked questions verbally or to write entries in the chat. The tutor will write relevant notes in the chat or display them onscreen during the class.  

What students can expect to learn

Students can expect to learn some context about the history of Gaelic and its place in Scotland, but the course will primarily focus on language acquisition. Students will learn basic phrases of greeting as well as some simple structures. There may also be a song or two! 

Resources required by students and additional costs

Students will need to provide whatever medium they choose for taking notes (pencil and paper, a programme on their computer, taking screenshots or the ‘board’ during class, etc). A course reference book is highly recommended. A dictionary is recommended - students can purchase a physical dictionary or use recommended free dictionaries online. 

The additional cost is the purchase of the course reference book, Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks by Roibeard O Maolalaigh and Iain MacAonghuis - this is generally available online or from a bookstore for approximately £16. It is not strictly necessary, but is a highly recommended supporting resource. If students wish to buy a physical dictionary, Teach Yourself’s Essential Gaelic Dictionary by Boyd Robertson and Ian MacDonald is recommended, generally available for a similar price. Quality dictionaries are also available free online. 

Health and safety guidelines

Students should ensure they have a comfortable space to focus and take notes. 

What students could do next

Students could continue on through the Council’s Gaelic course progression or a Gaelic course with another provider. Students could also take advantage of other opportunities for Gaelic learners, such as (currently online) conversation circles or Gaelic-related events. 

Community Learning

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