French - Holiday - Beginner level - ONL38924

Day and time

Thursdays - 10.30am - 11.30am starting 29th October 2020

Number of weeks / hours

1 hour a week for 5 weeks.

Level of course and entry requirements

Students must be available to participate in all sessions of this course.

Beginner level. It is assumed that students have no knowledge of the language to be studied. 

Overview / introduction to the course

This course is for those who wish to visit France and would like to learn phrases and expressions to be able to get by in everyday situations such as booking a hotel, ordering for food, shopping, formal language, and much more. 

How the course will be taught

The course will be taught by using mainly the communicative approach, which is task orientated with the emphasis on speaking, pronunciation and listening; pair work and small group work using virtual rooms; role play and learning how to deal with a variety of scenarios, ie - in the restaurant, finding your way about a city, asking for information etc; Videos and audio resources from the internet will be used.  

What students can expect to learn

By the end of the course students should be able to: greet people in formal and informal situations; use numbers; tell the time, know the days of the week, understand money; understand simple menus and order food and refreshments; ask for directions; check in to a hotel. 

Resources required by students and additional costs

Pen and paper to take notes and make flashcards. 

What students could do next

This induction to French language is an opportunity to become confident for doing a French course. 

Community Learning

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