Film Appreciation - Film Noir - All level - ONL38013

Day and time

Wednesdays - 2.00pm - 3.00pm starting 28th October 2020.

Number of weeks / hours

1 hour a week for 5 weeks - This covers the actual TEAMS interaction sessions and discussion.  Students will be required to watch online content beforehand. The content would be under 90 minutes with the exception of one day, which would be just under 2 hours.

Course level and entry requirement

Participants must be available to attend all sessions of this course.

All level. Open to anyone. 

Overview / introduction to the course

Film noir is a most often referred to genre, with noirish also being a term that has found its way into various art forms. This course will look at the establishment of the genre and how it grew towards the end of the Second World War and then developed in the immediate post war years. 

How the course will be taught 

On the morning of each Monday, students will receive a message on TEAMS containing two video links – one is the film introduction by Ian Hoey (roughly five minutes in duration, with a lengthier introduction on the first day), the second is to watch the film from a free streaming platform. On the immediately following Wednesday (two days later), through TEAMS, Ian will lead a discussion on all aspects of the film and its place in the noir genre. 

What students can expect to learn

Students can expect to gain a good knowledge of the origination and evolution of the noir genre. They will also establish an understanding of the old Hollywood studio system, censorship and the relevant politics of the era. 

Resources required by students and additional costs

Since all video links will be free, there is no additional cost to students. They will be expected to have a good enough broadband connection to view films on platforms such as YouTube. 

What students could do next

Students will be able to watch noir films, both classic and modern, with a clear understanding of the background and motivations behind these films. They will also be able to search out the more interesting and often overlooked titles for themselves. In coming to grips with this genre, they will now be more aware of how to look below the surface of a whole variety of films and genres. 

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