Exercise - Pilates - Post Beginner Level - ONL37351

Important information

Students must complete a health questionnaire prior to the course start date; and understand and agree to the following: 

I have informed the teacher of any injuries or physical conditions that may affect my involvement in online Pilates classes.  

I understand that I am responsible for my own body and how I participate, by taking the appropriate adaptations for each exercise (whether that’s choosing a difficulty level or adapting for a injury/condition) and resting more frequently or stopping if pain is felt, where necessary. 

I will keep the teacher updated if there are any changes that affect the above at any point during the course. 

I understand that all exercise carries with it a risk of injury and therefore the importance of the above. 

Day and time

Mondays - 7.30pm to 8.30pm starting 26th October 2020

Number of weeks / hours

1 hour a week for 8 weeks.

Level of course and entry requirements

Students must be available to participate in all sessions of this course.

Post beginner level. Participants must have done at least 1 year of Pilates at Beginner level. 

Overview / introduction to the course

Pilates is a movement/exercise system designed to build dynamic strength and increase your flexibility, stability and mobility.  It is a way of re-educating and re-patterning your mind-body by becoming aware of your movements and connecting with your deeper muscles. The Pilates Method improves your overall functioning and health – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. It is both gentle and challenging, focusing on moving easily, efficiently and pain-free. This course will focus on these elements, providing you with a gentle but strengthening workout. 

How the course will be taught

All exercises will be clearly demonstrated on screen and explained verbally. General corrections and reminders will be fed in where necessary and individual corrections will be made if needed. 

What students can expect to learn

Students will learn a range of Pilates exercises focusing on strengthening, mobilising and stretching the whole body. We will focus on the key principles of Pilates: Breathing; Concentration; Control; Centering; Coordination; Flow.

Different versions of the same exercise are often taught, so students will learn alternative or adapted versions of exercises they may already know, putting them in a better position to use versions of exercises that best suit their bodies. Students will also learn how to layer up an exercise in order to gently increase the challenge, whether that is strength, range of motion, stability or coordination.  

Resources required by students and additional costs

Yoga mat – or towel or blanket if you don’t have one. 

Health and safety guidelines

Ensure there is space for the yoga mat and enough space around it to move and be seen by the camera. Participate at a level that you can manage – if you have pain or are struggling, please stop, take more regular breaks or adapt the exercise – likewise if you have an injury or condition you need to manage. Some exercises will have different options or layer up in terms of challenge – follow these within your own ability. 

What students could do next

Take another course of online Pilates classes at post beginner level.

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