Art Practical - Dotty Art for Wellbeing - All level - ONL12012

Day and time 

Tuesdays - 2.00pm - 3.00pm

Number of weeks / hours

1 hour a week for 5 weeks.

Course level and entry requirements

Participants must be available to attend all sessions.

Suitable for all levels.

Overview / introduction to the course

Dotty art is a gentle creative practice that helps relieve stress and anxiety. This course is a playful and intuitive exploration into creativity and wellbeing.

How the course will be taught

Each week we will connect online through Microsoft Teams and I will share ideas and practical demonstrations of techniques to help you develop your dotty art practice 

If there’s time and interest, I will also share some of the background and science behind why creativity helps us with our wellbeing.  

Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their dotty art ideas and experiments. 

What students can expect to learn

Dotty art is gentle mindful practice that helps relieve worry, stress and anxiety.  

You don’t have to be artistic, it’s not about the outcome. It’s about switching off the busy mind, relaxing and feeling good. The idea is, not to think too much.  

During the course I will guide you step by step, through this simple, effective and nourishing practice. We will playfully explore colours, shapes, patterns and rhythms to see what emerges.  

You will learn a variety of creative techniques to help you develop your dotty art practice and improve your wellbeing. We’ll delve into more detail each week: 

Week 1 - Introduction to dotty art – paper, paints, pens and tools

Week 2 - Paints and colour selections 

Week 3 - Mark making 

Week 4 - Working on different surfaces 

Week 5 - Display and storage ideas  

Your creativity will naturally unfold as you let go, find the flow and lose yourself in the moment. 

This course will give you a new skill for relaxation, an uplifting sense of achievement and art that you will treasure. 

Resources required by students and additional costs

Paper or card to work on, acrylic paints, various items to draw around, acrylic paint pens, oil pens, toothpicks, cotton buds, nail art dotting tools. We’ll cover these in more detail during the first class. 

Find a comfortable place to practice your art, with good lighting.  Perhaps you’ll want to add a nice scent and some relaxing music. Breathe deeply, evenly, slowly and embrace the imperfect. 

If you have paper, paint, toothpicks and cotton buds to hand then you could get started with no additional costs.  

Acrylic and oil pens are nice to use, there are a range of prices on these. Basic pens sets are around £10 and upwards. 

Health and safety guidelines

Have a clear table space to work on, you might want to wear old clothing and put a protective covering over the table that you are using. 

What students could do next

Share your dotty art, the practice and your experiences with others. Incorporate additional art techniques into your dotty art practice. I also teach a furniture upcycling and decorative upcycling techniques, if you’d like to join me for a different class.  

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